A cryptarithm or alphametic is a puzzle that consists in decrypting a computation where each digit has been substituted by a letter. The solution must be unique, like in the famous send+more=money

(In English, Spanish and Italian)

Given two words, x and y, I search for a word z such that the alphametic x+y=z or x-y=z or xy=z or xy=z has exacty one solution.

For example, given the two words Barack and Obama, among the solutions you'll find "amazes". Indeed, the alphametic Barack+Obama=amazes has one unique solution (as you can check on the "Solve" side).

You can find funny alphametics by entering the names of your friends and then selecting the more interesting words among those suggested by the program.


Enter one or more equations (one in each row). I'll try to associate numbers to letters in such a way all the equations are satisfied.

For example, submitting aa*bb=def and a=b+b I'll find the unique solution (a=4, b=2, d=9, e=6, f=8). You can use the five operations (+ - * / ^) and the round brackets. You can also use inequalities, like a < c or a+bb<=cd.