Dedicate to Odette De Meulemeester and her Pupils

The hyperpentominoes are groupings of five hypercubes, joined by a cube, where the barycentres of each hypercube lie on a plane. They are only twelve, as the pentominoes and the solid pentominoes:


Unfortunately I don't know solutions for a 5x3x2x2 hyperspace. With the five hypertetrominoes you can fill a 5x4x2x2 hyperspace, as you see below:

Hyperpentominoes & Hypertetrominoes in 5x4x2x2 Shape

Two sets of hyperpentominoes can fill a 6x5x2x2 box (automatic drawing):

Hyperpentominoes in 6x5x2x2 Shape


It isn't trivial!

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