The two-side Xominoes are exactly 100 (!). Here is the complete ascii list or the picture of complete set. Don't think that the list is not complete. Remember: "S" becomes "Z" and "Z" becomes "S" if you flip the piece. You can to place the pieces on a square grid.

The 100 Xominoes Puzzle

Xominoes Puzzle

The first solutions are of Miroslav Vicher.

This is mine. A 10x10 perfect square is not possible.
With 4 sets you could do a 20x20 perfect square.
The one-side Xominoes are 165. Is it possible to do a perfect 11x15 rectangle? I'm optimist.
You could play this puzzle with Windows Paint. It has the rotate 90, 180, 270 and mirror functions.
I like the irregular easy solutions as below yet:

10x10 Xominoes

1st edition: 7 Apr 2000 - Last modify: 12 Apr 2000
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