Links about pentaminos (and not)


  • You MUST visit the site The Geometry Junkyard by David Eppstein: find a pentamino in a sea of materials. It's fantastic!
  • In the site RocketDownLoad you could download the good puzzle shareware of Bart F. Larsen .
  • In the site of Alain Colmerauer and Bruno Gilleta there is a very interestig work about 3D-pentaminos. With compliments, Alain & Bruno.
  • The site of Gilles Esposito-Farèse is ... artistic.
  • Here there is the beautiful page of Alley Oop with links and downloads.
  • When I began these pages, I didn't know that there are so many interesting sites:

  • The nice page by Ed Pegg Jr.
  • The Poly Pages by Andrew Clarke is an encyclopedia!
  • The site Miroslav Vicher's Puzzles Pages is completely... crazy.
  • Don't forget Gerard's Polyomino Solution Engine if you want to find solutions.

  • Where you could purchase mathematical puzzles:

  • SexeHexeS For Sale.
  • William Waite said me: The Nemmelgeb Murr Import Shop is the only Earth outlet for wooden puzzles and puzzle artifacts from the galaxy of Nemmelgeb Murr.

  • About Fibonacci:

  • Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci.

  • My friends on line:

  • Claudio Cordeglio is a very expert network programmer.
  • Diego Fusaro is an up and coming young man (He's my nephew).
  • Max & Gabry are two great skippers.
  • In the following site works Mario Amerio a number one.
  • Ing. Franco Alliney a very expert senior engineer.
  • Don't click HERE!
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